Solar thermal is a technology that allows solar energy to be captured, stored and used in a variety of ways, in particular for heating water to replace natural gas-fired boilers. These systems can also be used to pre-heat water used for domestic heating systems, leading to cost savings due to less electricity needed to bring the water to the operating temperature of the domestic heating system. Solar thermal systems are distinguished according to their operating temperature: low-temperature systems (up to 120 °C); medium-temperature systems (around 500 °C) and high-temperature systems (around 1000 °C).


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Solar thermal, a sustainable and affordable option

Reduction of energy costs. The installation of solar thermal can lead to significant cost savings, reducing hot water production costs by up to 70 per cent. In addition, it can cover up to 60 per cent of fuel consumption for hot water production and up to 35 per cent less energy for heating.

Reducing CO2 emissions. Unlike fossil fuels such as oil and coal, solar energy does not produce greenhouse gases when used. Used in a variety of applications, including water and space heating, it reduces the need for other, more polluting energy sources.

Durability and efficiency over time. Solar thermal systems require minimal maintenance and have a long lifetime, on average 20 years. This means that the initial investment can be amortised over time due to energy cost savings.


Ecobonus 65%

This bonus concerns solar collectors, i.e. solar thermal systems. The measure has been extended until 31 December 2024 and provides for a maximum expenditure of €60,000 per real estate unit.

Bonus Home 50%

This bonus provides for a 50% deduction of the expenditure, recoverable over 10 years in the tax return3. The maximum expenditure is 96,000 € per real estate unit.


This bonus provides for the recovery of 110% of the expenditure over five years. In order to install photovoltaic and solar panels at zero cost with Superbonus, it is necessary to associate a driving intervention with the redevelopment project.

These bonuses and incentives can make the installation of a solar thermal system an even cheaper investment. Contact us to find out which incentive is best suited to your specific needs.

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