The installation of shading systems as set out in Annex M to Legislative Decree. 311/2006

Characteristics required

  • Stably fixed to the building structure and not removable at will by the user.
  • Covering a glazed surface. Installed inside or outside the glass surface.
  • They must be mobile and ‘technical’.
  • The ‘shutters’ can be integrated with glazing or freestanding (projecting). In the case of simple replacement of shutters, the new installation must have a higher thermal resistance value than the previous installation in order to achieve energy savings.
  • Sun shading’ (e.g. awnings, blinds, roller blinds, arm awnings) may only be oriented towards the south, east or west. North, north-east and north-west are not allowed. Shuttering’ (e.g. shutters, blinds, roller shutters) has no orientation limits.
  • They must have a total solar transmission factor value of less than or equal to 0.35, depending on the type of glass of the glazed surface they protect. The value refers to type C glass according to EN 14501.
  • Existing national and local regulations on town planning, building, energy efficiency and safety must be observed.



As of January 2024, the deduction on expenditure for works will be reduced from 110% to 70%. However, those who started work during 2022 will still be able to benefit from the possibility of assigning the credit or obtaining the invoice discount.


This incentive will continue to be available in 2024, offering a 50 per cent deduction for expenses up to €60,000 for the replacement of windows, doors, solar shading, or the installation of biomass boilers.

Solar Shading and Shading Bonus

Thanks to the Budget Law 2022, the bonus for solar shading (Art. 14 of Law Decree 63/2013 c. 2 lett. b) and for darkening closures (Art. 2 of Ministerial Decree 06/08/2020 c. 1, lett. b) has been extended throughout 2022, 2023 and 2024.

These government incentives for installing solar shading are a great opportunity to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of your building projects. Contact us to plan your interventions with peace of mind.

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