Reclamation and post-fire damage restoration

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We also detect damage that is not immediately visible…

The damage caused by a fire can be manifold and not always immediately noticeable, caused by heat, smoke, dust or corrosive gases affecting the structural components of the building and the assets inside, such as machinery, furniture or installations. It is therefore essential to have detailed knowledge of the specific procedures for each case and to use appropriate equipment. GBR is able to assist the claimant and/or adjuster with a qualified post-claims consultancy in order to carry out a correct damage assessment.

Fire survey and damage assessment

Through a detailed analysis of the situation, we draw up a tailor-made restoration project, including an estimate of the damage incurred (direct damage) and a planning of the most appropriate ways to secure the area and restore normal functionality.

Protection of undamaged assets

Securing and protection of assets not damaged by the fire: to avoid danger to people and property, the area is structurally controlled and the assets inside are protected against corrosion by chemical agents.

The intervention

Remediation and restoration of buildings and assets: once all the damage has been identified, remediation and restoration work is carried out, removing harmful substances using specific techniques and equipment.


Some interventions