» Much lower bills, whether energy is consumed on site or partly sold and fed into the grid

» Reductions and bill savings allow companies to return on their investment in no time at all

Do you need to reclaim asbestos on roofs?

The turnkey operation, in conjunction with the photovoltaic installation, will be even cheaper

Elements of a photovoltaic system

An industrial photovoltaic system is a solar system with an output of more than 100kWp, ideal for many categories of companies for self-consumption, production and sale of electricity.

An industrial photovoltaic system consists mainly of:

  • Photovoltaic panels, which transform sunlight into electricity. There are various types of photovoltaic panels with different characteristics; monocrystalline ones boast the best yields.
  • Inverters, which convert the direct current generated by the panels into alternating current, to be consumed or fed into the grid.
  • Other components include cables, switchboard, meter and panel mounting structures.

Consider that…

  • Photovoltaic systems can be placed on industrial buildings and warehouses, on open and unused surfaces such as roofs, land, etc., to generate electricity from the sun to meet your company’s energy needs.
  • Industrial plants are essential tools for your business, so the cost of turnkey construction can be deducted through super depreciation allowances.
  • The photovoltaic system can be fully financed and the instalments can be repaid thanks to the incentives provided by the ‘Scambio Sul Posto’, provided directly by the Gestore dei Servizi Elettrici.


  • Accurate analysis of the customer’s needs, with on-site inspection to identify all elements, constraints and opportunities for maximum plant performance.
  • Feasibility study of the photovoltaic system, financial analysis of the system’s return and investment parameters (business plan), careful design of the system to achieve maximum yield
  • Turnkey installation with certified, quality products and authorisation procedures for connection to the national grid
  • After-sales maintenance service.


Photovoltaic Bonus

Tax deduction of 65% on the expenses incurred, with a maximum limit of €60,000. The deduction is divided into 10 equal annual instalments.

VAT at a reduced rate of 10%.

For the installation of solar panels.

Superbonus at 70 per cent

Very cost-effective and applicable to the installation of photovoltaic and solar panels, provided that at least one driving intervention is associated with the redevelopment project. You are reimbursed 70% of the expenditure incurred in the form of a deduction (in five equal annual instalments), an invoice discount or a tax credit.

New Sabatini Green

This incentive, proposed by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and renewed for 2024, facilitates access to credit for companies wishing to make sustainable and technologically advanced investments. All sectors are eligible, with the exception of the Finance and Insurance sectors.


At 50% (65% for heat pumps): tax deduction for the installation of solar panels that produce electricity.

Tax Credit for R&D

This incentive supports companies engaged in innovation in the renewable energy sector and is calculated on eligible expenses.

Renewable Energy Communities

Opportunities to come together to produce and share renewable energy, thus promoting a more collaborative and sustainable energy model.

These incentives not only help mitigate environmental impact, but also offer long-term economic benefits, making investment in photovoltaics a profitable choice for both the environment and the company budget.

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