Heat pump systems are devices capable of heating water or space heating using very little electricity and utilising the heat naturally present in the air, water or underground. With their installation, one can save on utility bills and have greater energy independence.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that can heat water or rooms using a minimal amount of electricity. Thanks to its innovative operation and a very high thermal efficiency coefficient (COP>5), can extract heat naturally present in the air, water or underground and channel it to the heating systems in the house.

Hybrid system

Hybrid systems intelligently combine a condensing boiler and a DC Inverter air/water heat pump. An integrated control ensures that the two generators always run at maximum efficiency, resulting in savings of up to 40 per cent on consumption. They also offer summer cooling, making them ideal in all seasons.

Thermodynamic boiler

Patented high-efficiency thermodynamic heat pump boiler with direct refrigerant/water exchange to produce domestic hot water, heating and air conditioning. Patented high-efficiency integrated hybrid heat pump system with direct refrigerant/water exchange with support boiler for hot water, heating and air conditioning.

» Lighter bills

» Increased efficiency

» Quick installation



Government measure offering incentives to improve the energy performance of a building. It has been extended until 31 December 2024. The relief is taken advantage of in the tax return and is valid for IRPEF purposes. The subsidy rate can be either 50 per cent or 65 per cent, depending on certain specific characteristics.

Heat pump bonus

This bonus allows you to convert your heating, cooling and hot water system and obtain a tax allowance of up to 65%. The heat pump bonus is linked to particular interventions that aim to reduce energy consumption from buildings in order to reduce polluting emissions.

Bonus air conditioners and heat pumps

Throughout 2024, you can access the 65% energy-saving Eco Bonus for the purchase of air conditioners, air conditioners and heat pumps. The air conditioner bonus is a tax break you are entitled to if you decide to buy or change your air conditioner to a heat pump one.

These bonuses and incentives can make the installation of a condensing boiler an even cheaper investment. Contact us to find out which incentive is best suited to your needs

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