In a condensing boiler, water vapour condensation of flue gases occurs. This allows the recovery of latent heat of condensation and a consequently higher energy efficiency.

A condensing boiler is able to utilise the residual heat, known as latent heat, found in the flue gas. During the combustion of gas to heat water, water vapour is also generated, which is dispersed into the air through the flue gases. This steam, together with the fumes, is acidic and corrosive, and therefore, to avoid breakdowns, it was expelled at very high temperatures, often over 200 degrees, in the old boilers.

Thanks to the use of new construction materials and certain technical modifications, modern condensing boilers are better able to handle these flue gases. They reduce the temperature until the steam present condenses, allowing the residual heat to be used to preheat the water entering the boiler. This steam condensation process results in considerable savings on gas bills.

→ Consumption reduced by up to 40%

→ Reduction of CO2 and nitrogen oxides

→ Increased security


Boiler incentives 2024

From 2025, there will be no more tax incentives for the installation of condensing boilers using fossil fuels. Future incentives for the installation of boilers can be used only for luminaires with clean energy supply or hybrid, that using gas and heat pumps.

Ecobonus and Superbonus

Currently, you can get benefits with the Ecobonus or Superbonus for the installation of boilers. The Ecobonus provides a 65% deduction for the purchase and installation of condensing boilers of at least class A2. The Superbonus provides for a 70% deduction from 2024.

EU Green Homes Directive

The latest changes to the EU Case Green Directive impose a definitive farewell to gas boilers from 2040. The main goal of the directive is to achieve a climate-neutral building stock by 2050.

These bonuses and incentives can make the installation of a condensing boiler an even cheaper investment. Contact us to find out which incentive is best suited to your needs

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