New buildings

Whether civil or industrial, we always use the best materials and the most modern construction techniques. All-in-one solutions, we take care of everything

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New Civil & Industrial Constructions

We carry out any new construction. In civil construction for residential or commercial use, we deliver buildings with a high standard of living and low energy consumption in order to comply with current energy regulations regarding environmental consumption.

Civil construction

  • Construction of flats and buildings
  • Construction of residential complexes
  • Construction of detached and terraced villas

Industrial construction

  • Construction and maintenance of warehouses
  • Warehouse construction
  • Construction of buildings and industrial solutions of all types

Site planning and design

After a thorough inspection, an estimate is drawn up describing all the work to be carried out. Once the agreement is concluded, we plan and coordinate all the stages of the construction process. Based on the architectural and structural design and the various regulations to be followed, we design the construction site and the relevant safety plans. We will then take care of the supervision of works, preparation and presentation of the files in the municipality, drafting of the cadastral files and drawing up the energy certificates for the buildings.

Site planning and design

During the construction works we are always present on site and we personally coordinate the various figures involved in the works. Since we take care of the entire site management, the client does not have to interact with the various figures who gradually intervene for the realisation of the work, but will have us as the only interlocutor. We are also the owner of all the means and facilities needed to carry out new constructions, with a consequent and substantial reduction in the cost of the work.


Some new constructions