Maintenance of balconies and facades

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Facades, balconies and terraces maintenance

Maintaining and repairing the external facade of the building is important to ensure the safety and efficiency of buildings and structures in general

Facade maintenance

For each building on which we intervene, we carry out a study relating to the materials that compose it and the construction techniques used in order to better prepare the intervention. Experience and specialized professionals then allow us to operate with ease, speed and safety, while at the same time guaranteeing very competitive prices. We work on any type of facade, even of monumental historical value. Widespread intervention is the restoration of “reinforced concrete” and concrete, which are mainly damaged by atmospheric events.

Interventions on balconies, terraces and uncovered parts

Terraces, balconies and flat roofs are the construction elements most exposed to the risk of infiltration. The remaking of the external cladding and of the waterproofing package of the basement of balconies and terraces becomes necessary when phenomena of efflorescence of humidity occur, when there is deterioration and deterioration of load-bearing structures, plasters and flooring. Call us for a free check up, we will check the waterproofing, sealing of the marble edges along the perimeter of the balconies, the state of consolidation and any replacement of metal parts of the parapets.

Examples of intervention on balconies and terraces

  • Maintenance of the supporting structure, passivation of the irons and reconstruction of the damaged portions
  • Waterproofing
  • Railing maintenance
  • Creation of foundations and laying of floors after having created the screed
  • Maintenance of the balcony ceiling
  • Laying of tinsmiths
  • Restoration of water collection and disposal systems


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