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What we talk about

The Revenue Agency, in Circular No. 17 of 26 June, confirmed that the bonus for the removal of architectural barriers also applies to the bathroom renovation. In particular, it specified that ‘interventions carried out on individual building units, even if not independently functioning (such as flats in a condominium), are deductible, up to the maximum limit of 50,000 euro already established for single-family units’.

The relief concerns interventions aimed at eliminating or overcoming architectural barriers in existing buildings. Expenses related to the intervention, such as new floor coverings, wall coverings and adaptation of the electrical system, are also deductible.

Conditions to be met

To qualify for the 75 per cent deduction, interventions must be carried out on existing buildings, whether condominiums or individual houses; new constructions are not covered. Bathroom accessibility for wheelchair users must be ensured:

  • Sanitary fixtures must be suspended
  • The sink must have its upper edge 80 cm above the floor
  • The shower must be at the same level as the floor, with a folding seat
  • Taps must have a lever with mixer
  • If possible, the door should open outwards


Restructuring bonuses

A 50% tax deduction for expenditure of up to €96,000 on building renovation, including the replacement of windows, doors, floors, electrical, plumbing or heating systems.

Architectural Barriers Bonus

Tax deduction of 75 per cent for expenditure of up to €50,000 for the removal of architectural barriers in existing buildings, including work on the bathroom to make it accessible to wheelchair users.

To access these bonuses, certain requirements must be met, such as thermal transmittance values, payment methods, documentation to be sent to ENEA, and urban planning and building regulations. Contact us to find out which incentive is best suited to your needs

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