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Asbestos abatement and removal

Asbestos has been used in many different contexts in the past, such as roofs, tanks, chimneys, ceilings or pipes, and has become a widespread problem due to its high degree of hazard.

Be careful. Asbestos is dangerous

Asbestos becomes dangerous when, due to structural weakening, it shatters, releasing dust which, if inhaled, can cause very serious diseases. The removal of asbestos requires precise operating rules and an adequate assessment of the situation to identify the most suitable methods of reclamation to protect people and the environment. The GBR team is able to intervene in every situation, carrying out the complete removal of asbestos from industrial and civil sites. Our staff uses special equipment suitable for the treatment of this dangerous material, removing it in compliance with the main safety regulations.

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We mainly use two asbestos abatement techniques:

  • Asbestos removal: this consists of the total removal of asbestos, with disposal in authorised dumps. If the client so wishes, we also take care of its replacement with other types of materials, allowing for immediate restoration of the structure.
  • Encapsulation of asbestos: asbestos is treated with special substances that prevent it from shattering during removal and transport. The function of impregnating products is to make the asbestos fibres more compact by binding them to the cement component. Coating products, on the other hand, create a protective layer to increase resistance and prevent the diffusion of harmful substances into the air.


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